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Eu ss fp visa application Eu

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  • LAWYER RESPONSE Eu ss fp visa application Eu

    Hello all,

    Is it possible to reapply for an EU SS FP visa if the current visa is still active?

    Here's my situation. The sponsor is my husband, EU citizen with SS status. I applied for EU SS FP visa for my daughter( child from previous relationship) 16 yrs old. Minor, from outside the UK last March 2020. It was approved with 'to acc'. Received passport in August 2020. Valid from August 2020 to February 2021.

    As far as I know and as per the advise of UKVI, 'to acc' must be accompanied by the sponsor.

    We were supposed to fly to pick her up on 3 January 2021 however, due to the travel ban from UK, our flight was cancelled. Still not allowed to enter the country from UK at this time.

    I contacted UKVI again to ask what's the best recourse as the visa details cant be changed to 'to acc' to 'to join'. I was advised to reapply as soon as possible, even if the current visa is still active (visa expiration 5 February 2021).

    6 January 2021, my daughter reapply again. Same type of visa, EU SS FP visa. 15 January 2021 got a notification from UK immigration that the application is not straightforward.

    I hope someone can enlighten me if reapplying before the visa expires was the right move or am I waiting for a denial letter from the Home Office?

    Thank you

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    Olga M (lawyer) Would you be able to comment?

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      Good morning,

      There is nothing to be worried about at this stage. You have done everything correctly.
      As of December I am also having more and more applications when HO sends an email to say that application is not straightforward. They have recently changed a target processing time from 15 working days to "as soon as possible" and I think they are well behind with their decisions. I have few applications outstanding since October and they are really straight forward and similar to you situation, when FP already has been issued but due to COVID they were unable to travel and reapplied.

      Hope it helps

      I am an Immigration Adviser and Director with Spectrum Visas LTD, authorised by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide immigration advice and services. I am also a volunteer with UKCEN, where I provide one-off advice on a pro-bono basis. This advice should not be considered a substitute for formal legal advice. Please see Olga M for full details.


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        Much appreciated. Thank you and keep safe.