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LITUK test experience Manchester January 2021

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  • Experience LITUK test experience Manchester January 2021

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share my Life in the UK test experience in Manchester today so people know what to expect (I passed! woop).

    Booked for Wednesday morning. The location is on Chorlton Street right next to the coach station so easily accessible by bus. I asked my partner to drop me off instead & wait for me as we're concerned about public transport (due to covid). Although the emails said there would be nowhere to park cars, presumably because of lockdown there was plenty of spots for him to wait for me in the car. No family members are allowed into the test centre building.

    I was told to arrive 30 minutes early which I did. I had my temperature checked on entrance, was asked to use hand sanitizer then instructed to read some guidelines. Once done I sat in the waiting area. There were usually about 3-4 people in the waiting area at any given time, and it was easy to maintain social distancing. The staff then ask you one at a time in order of arrival to a separate room, where they check your details (confirm them with the ID document you used to register, which you must bring with you), take a passport style photo and check that you turned your phone off.

    Once that was all done I was instructed to put away all my items in a locker. I was able to bring my water bottle with me (any labels must be removed). You're then inspected in detail to make sure you won't cheat :P. All sleeves, socks, collars etc. had to be rolled up, ears checked for devices and so on! Even the inside of my mask was checked. Afterwards you're also scanned with a hand scanner, like at an airport.

    As soon as this is done you're allowed into the test room. Having arrived 30 minutes before my scheduled time I was starting my test just a few minutes ahead of schedule, but other people who were also booked in at the same time had started earlier or were still coming in later. People come in and out as you take your test so it's not entirely quiet. The set up is pretty easy to follow. The questions were not too tricky, and most of them were the same as on this exam site: Life in the UK test ->> Exam questions. You can go back to edit your questions.

    After you're done and press 'End test' there's a short feedback form and then you can just leave. In total I spent about 35 minutes at the centre. Once I left the building I checked my email and received the result within about 10 minutes.

    Now onto the rest of the process! Good luck everyone.

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    Good evening and thank you for sharing!

    Glad to hear everything went smoothly. Also great to see they are keeping the centres open despite the ongoing lockdown, unlike the last time, I guess they've not all installed the required safety measures.

    Now there's a new place to hide your cheats: inside your mask! LOL! As if you could fit anything there!

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