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Life in the UK test experience

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  • Life in the UK test experience

    Hello people!

    I just wanted to share my LITUK test experience. I attended the test this morning in Birmingham.

    It was a cold morning and I parked the car 15 min walk away from the test location to soak in the empty city and to relax. Not that I was afraid to fail, but with every exam there’s that little bit of tension. It’s that classic moment when you try tosto remember everything that you have read or prepared and you feel like all the information vanished from your brain.

    On arrival we were swiftly checked in by the staff, who was super kind and informative.

    First they check your name on a printed list, then you are assigned a chair number in the waiting room. Then your passport is checked and a picture is taken. You then sign another sheet and store all your belongings in a locker. You are left with your ID (and a bottle of water with the label removed).

    The next step is a full body scan. Pockets, wrists, sleeves, collar, ears, socks, the inside of your face mask...and finally a metal detector to complete the check. Total time: 15/20 minutes.

    And finally you are allowed in the computer room. Here another person checks your passport and date of birth and you are good to go to your assigned computer. 4 practice questions and then the test starts..I found the questions easier than expected, just pay attention to how they are framed!

    I completed mine in 5 minutes and then off I went. Back to the locker, wished the staff a great weekend and within minutes I had my email with a unique reference number and my result: pass!

    The experience was great, the staff were very kind and followed COVID guidelines keeping equipment and stationery clean, and maintaining social distancing where possible.

    Final note and suggestion: read the book a couple of times, practice on the TSO official test book and if you find it useful find some mock tests online. Practice is key, but reading and making notes help too!

    Enjoy the experience and good luck!

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    Many thanks for sharing your experience and useful suggestions.

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