The Home Office guidance requires only 5 consecutive P60s for your qualifying period as proof of employment, if applying from April to April of your qualifying period. If you want to apply outside these months and years, you need to send six.

You need to have completed five years of work to have acquired PR status.

If you are unable to obtain the 5 P60s, then please provide 3 payslips (monthly or weekly) for each year, ensuring there is no more than a 6 month gap between each document. Ideally, these should include March’s payslip for each year and 2 other payslips no more than six months apart, or a letter from employer(s) confirming period(s) of employment and annual earnings.

If you are still unable to provide any of these suggestions (for example, you have lost the relevant documents, the employer is no longer trading or you are/your sponsor is unable to contact them), you should enclose a letter explaining why not and submit alternative evidence of the relevant employment, such as:
  • P45s
  • signed contract of employment
  • notice of redundancy
  • letter accepting resignation
  • letter of dismissal
  • employment tribunal judgment relating to the employment
  • bank statements showing net income received from employer
If you do not have all payslips, ask your employer if it is possible to have past payslip duplicates stamped/sign by employer.

If you need additional evidence of employment, you can request the following documents and explain in a cover letter your situation.

Get proof of employment history: Get proof of employment history - GOV.UK

Obtain the information HM revenue and Customs hold about you (useful to find past lost info): HMRC Privacy Notice - GOV.UK

You can obtain an NI statement online: Check your National Insurance record - GOV.UK