Residence evidence: Scenario 1
I have lived in the UK since 1998, as a student and looking after my children until 2003. Started working in 2003 until now. I am applying using 2011-2016 as qualifying period, do I have to prove my residence also for the years before 2011? If so, for how many years before 2011 shall I provide evidence?

No, strictly speaking the residence evidence only needs to cover the qualifying 5 years for employment/self-sufficient/self-employed person/student etc. It is best to send only 5 years’ evidence. If you want to be deemed to have become a permanent resident earlier, then just send the documents from an earlier five year period. You may want to do this if you have children born in the UK, so they benefit from automatic British citizenship.

See chart below:

Residence evidence: Scenario 2

I have lived here since 2004, started working in 2006 and stopped working in 2011, my qualifying years are 2006-2011. Do I need to provide proof of residence from 2011 to now as well as for the qualifying years?

If you are providing evidence of exercising Treaty Rights as a worker (employee) during your qualifying years, you don’t need further evidence of residence for that period. However, if you were exercising treaty rights in any other capacity (i.e. self-employed, student or self-sufficient), you also need to provide proof of residence for that period. If more than 2 years has elapsed since your qualifying period ended, you will need to provide one piece of evidence for every subsequent 12 month period to confirm residence in the UK.