• A bank statement or similar; one for each year of the 5 year qualifying period, showing received funds or lump sum proving sufficient funds to meet personal circumstances.
  • A pension statement showing monthly or yearly payment or a bank statement showing payment from pension provider or similar, one for each year for the appropriate period if appropriate (for self-sufficient retirees).
  • If a relative, friend or other person has been financially supporting you/your sponsor, you must enclose a signed and dated letter from that person confirming that they have been supporting you/your sponsor and for how long.
  • One piece of evidence of residence for every 12 month period.
  • One piece of evidence for every qualifying 12 month period to confirm ongoing residence in the UK if more than 2 years has elapsed since the end of the activities evidenced.
  • Evidence that you had Comprehensive Sickness Insurance for yourself and any family members the relevant period of self-sufficiency.