Set the volume on your phone to maximum
Ensure there is a good WiFi connection
Good light
When checking biometric chip in the passport, do the following:
  • Press check on the phone
  • Place phone on the passport, you should hear a click
  • Do not let phone go, hold it till it's done. Don't let it laying there
  • Scan both front and back covers of the passport
  • Keep moving the phone around the passport covers, when the chip is found, you will here a bleep.
The app worked when the phone was somewhat offset sideways to have the passport binding edge covered by the phone rather than left out. (If you open the passport, you'll see a thicker strip on the inside of the cover page, close to the binding.)

The NFC chip is likely to be located in the upper half of your phone, the passport chip can be located in various places depending on the passport. The two need to come close together for the data to be read.

Once you hear the bleep, leave the phone and passport in place, it will take a few seconds to transfer the data.

You can use a tablet if it is NFC enabled. You can find out whether it is by checking your tablet's settings.

Not all passports have the chip in the same place, it depends on the country.

You may get blocked for 24 hours after several unsuccessful attempts.

Check your passport for your chip first, hold it into the light and you can vaguely see the chip-form, this will help you when you need to line them up later on.

Italian passport: scan the back cover, the chip is in the middle of it.

German passport: chip is at the right top corner (right under your passport number), so it helped to scan the passport from the back. That way it lined up with my phone scanner.

Romanian passport: Checked on the plastic ID page, the chip is in the top right corner of that page. When the centre of the phone is right over that spot, the NFC chip scanning should work. From this point of view, the guidance of placing the phone on the passport is not quite right and might miss the chip for passports with the chip located like this.

Make sure you check the data correctly when the app sums it up for you, some people got confused with their passport expiry date being displayed in the American format (MM/DD/YYYY).

You can pause the app and finish it later.