If you have pre-settled status, you will need to apply for settled status before your pre-settled status expires.

You will not obtain settled status automatically.

You will need to make a new application to obtain settled status.

It is possible to upgrade pre-settled to settled status as long as 70 days have passed since being granted pre-settled status. The facility to upgrade pre-settled status has been live since the summer of 2019.

The Home Office has expressed its intention to notify pre-settled status holders in advance of the time when their pre-settled status is about to expire, possibly 12, 6 and 3 months before the expiry date, so they can apply for settled status as soon as they qualify for it by having lived in the UK for 5 years.

Any reminder system will be for those that have not applied for settled status in their 5 year leave period, this means that the earliest a reminder will be in 2023.

It's not possible for the Home Office to determine when someone will be entitled to settled status, since their pre-settled status application is not based on a minimum period of residence; some applicants would get pre-settled status after living in the UK for nearly 5 years while others would only have been here a few days.

The application to convert pre-settled status to settled status is much like a fresh application that involves completing three key steps:
  1. Prove identity;
  2. Show UK residence; and
  3. Declare any criminal convictions.
You will need to repeat the process to verify your identity, this means either using the app to scan your identity document or sending it by post.

Proving your identity

As pre-settled status only requires evidence of residence for one day in the last six months, residence has to be assessed again, as for a new application.

How residence is assessed

If the automated checks do not find enough evidence of residence for 5 years, you will need to provide additional evidence.