The deadline for most applicants was June 30th. If you missed the deadline, you may still be able to apply. See: late applications.

Online form start

Prove your identity. There are various ways to do this:

Using the app, if you have a valid chipped passport or ID card or a valid biometric residence card and a suitable Android phone or iPhone;
Using the services of a document scanning centre, if you have a valid chipped passport or a biometric residence card but no suitable phone;
Booking an appointment to enroll biometrics, if you are from outside the EEA and have no valid biometric card; or
Sending your ID document by post, if you have an EEA passport or ID card without a chip or the chip cannot be read.

See: Proving your identity.

Complete the online form. You will need to:

Provide the details of the ID document you used to apply;
Provide your date of birth;
Get a verification code by text or email;
Give details of any other nationalities you have;

See: Using the online form.

If you have a PR document, see Applying with PR.

If you have ILR, see Applying with ILR.

Provide details of any criminal convictions in the UK or abroad or if you have been arrested or charged.

See: Criminality.

Residence assessment. The system will carry out automated checks to establish residence. Based on these checks, it may:

Say you will be considered for settled status, if it has found enough evidence of 5 years' residence; or
Say you will be considered for pre-settled status, if it has not found evidence of 5 years' residence; or
Ask you to provide evidence of residence, if no data was found or data was not found for the last 6 months.

See: How residence is assessed by the system.

Submit your form and take any action required if applicable, such as uploading or emailing evidence of residence or sending your identity document by post.

You will get a certificate of application by email.
Family members

You will need a separate application for each family member.

There are no family applications.

To apply for or as a child, see Applying for children.

Children who are themselves EEA or Swiss nationals can apply in their own right.

To apply for or as a family member, see Family members.

Family members who are, themselves, EEA or Swiss nationals living in the UK can apply in their own right.

To apply for a family member who is outside the UK, see EU Settlement Scheme family permit.
If you have any issues with your application, contact the resolution centre.

See: Resolution centre.

If a person including a child does not have a passport or an ID card please read the following post: UKCEN Citizenship and Residence for European Nationals and their families