Information provided by the EU Settlement Scheme Resolution Centre

In some instances, where there is not enough data for us to be able to confirm automatically that you have been in the UK for five years in a row, you will be able to upload photos or scans of documents as evidence of your UK residence.
You will not need to provide evidence for your entire UK residence – just enough to show whether you qualify for settled or pre-settled status:
For settled status, evidence for 6 months out of every 12 month period.
For pre-settled status, just one piece of evidence of residence in the last six months
If applicants are experiencing trouble uploading documents to the system, Please retry to log back into your application using a different web browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. In addition, please clear your browser cache or your mobile phone history before continuing with your application.

Depending on the browser you are using, you can clear the cache by going into ‘Settings’ on the browser and clear History and Cache.

Tips to upload documents successfully
  • Files must be in JPEG, JPG, PDF or PNG format.
  • Maximum number of files is 10.
  • Maximum file size is 6mb
  • Taking a screenshot of the document will usually compress the file size and change the file format to JPEG
  • Documents must be uploaded one at a time with dates assigned to each document individually
  • File name must be free of special characters (basically just letters, numbers, spaces and hyphens)
When a caseworker requests documents, they will state a timeframe for them to be sent. If the applicant has an issue with this timeframe, the caseworker work with them to negotiate a more convenient time for the submission of the document.

If no document is received after 70 days, the caseworker will review it and decide on the application going forward.

If an email is sent by a caseworker, this means that additional information is required in order to progress the application and must be uploaded at the applicant’s earliest convenience. This can be done by replying to the email with the documents attached.

Applicants are often given two weeks to respond to an email request to attach documents when they experience difficulties uploading the documents or when they have more than the maximum allowed. It is assumed that the documents would be available if they have attempted to upload them, hence the shorter deadline.

After submission of the application, documents must not be uploaded or sent in, unless a caseworker has requested them.

Document combiners to meet the maximum 10 file upload limit