You need to apply for settled status even if you have a valid PR document.

You need to apply for settled status before the end of June 2021.

A PR document can be:

A PR certificate inside your blue or pink card holder;
A certificate inside your passport;
A biometric card confirming Permanent Residence (not a Residence Card).

EEA and Swiss nationals get a "Document Certifying Permanent Residence"

Biometric residence cards for non EEA nationals say ‘Permanent Residence Status"

PR documents will no longer be valid after the end of June 2021.

Registration Certificates, Residence Permits and Residence Cards are NOT PR documents.

The EUSS form has the following question:

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If the answer is Yes, you are prompted to enter the document number. This is the number on the document INSIDE the blue card holder.

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If you cannot provide the PR document number, for example, because the number is damaged or obscured, or the document never had one, the Home Office will check its own records. If there is no record they will contact you for further details such as approximate date of issue. If there is still no trace, you will have to submit the document for consideration.

If t it is identified that you do not satisfy the requirement of not having been out of the UK for 5 years or longer after the issue of your PR document, you will not get settled status on these basis.

You may still be able to apply via a different route, or get pre-settled status.