All successful nationality applicants aged 18 or over need to attend a ceremony, this includes those who register as British using forms T, UKF and UKM if they are 18 or over when their application is decided, as well as those who apply for naturalisation as adults using form AN.

Minors who are still aged under 18 at the time their application is decided do not attend a ceremony.

A standard group ceremony costs £80, this fee is included in the adult naturalisation (AN) fee, but applicants obtaining their citizenship via another route (such as registration) may need to pay it separately. It is also possible to book a private ceremony at extra cost.

Most councils allow you to take up to two guests to a group ceremony. If you want to take more, you may need to book a private ceremony at extra cost.

Contact your local authority for specific details regarding guests and other arrangements, such as photos. Some councils sell photos and videos of the event.

You will get your naturalisation certificate at the ceremony, which is proof of your British Citizenship. You will need this to apply for your first British passport.

You will have to make either an oath of allegiance or an affirmation, and a pledge. This means you promise to respect the rights, freedoms and laws of the UK. An affirmation is a non religious option for those who prefer not to swear by God.

It is possible to have a ceremony abroad, you need to ask the embassy or consulate in the country where live about having the ceremony there. If you’re only abroad for a short time, you might be asked to postpone the ceremony until you return to the UK. You must still book your ceremony within 3 months of getting an invitation.

In some cases, you might have to prove you’re planning to live in the UK permanently if you’re going to be abroad for more than a few months.

For more details about booking the ceremony, see: Booking your ceremony

If you have a BRP, you need to return it within 5 days of your ceremony or face a hefty fine.

If you are not sure whether you have a BRP or not, see: Returning Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) after the ceremony - UKCEN Citizenship and Residence for European Nationals and their families