There is no change to citizenship fees for the year 2020-2021, see: UPDATE: No increases in immigration and nationality fees for 2020-2021 - UKCEN Citizenship and Residence for European Nationals and their families
Make sure you have PR, ILR or settled status.
PR, ILR or settled status.
You must have had PR status or settled status, for at least 12 months if not married to a British citizen.
Life in the UK test. Once passed, it does not expire. Over 65s are exempt.
Practice for your test
Book your test
The language requirement. Language tests are valid for two years. Over 65s are exempt.
The language requirement explained
See if you have a suitable degree or qualification
Are you a citizen of a majority English speaking country?
If the above don't apply, book your language test
Check that you meet the absences and residence criteria.
Absences and residence requirements
Gather information about your trips abroad
Allowed absences and discretion
Lawful residence (only for applicants relying on settled status)
Check that you meet the Good Character requirement
Good Character requirement
Speeding fines and awareness courses
Driving offences and parking tickets
Breaches of immigration rules
Find two suitable referees and get their details.
Who can be a referee
Professional referees
Referee details required
Start your AN application and fill in the form online.
Online AN form and guidance
Application overview
Previous immigration applications
Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs)
Expired passports and IDs
Timescale to complete the form
Dependants and family applications
Employment and self-employment
Issues regarding names
Section 3 of the form, headed Documents, has a detailed breakdown of what the points on the checklist mean. You may want to save or print this description before moving forward, as it can be a useful reference.
Submit the form, pay and book your UKVCAS appointment.
Download a PDF of the completed form
Download the referee declarations:
Submit the form and book your UKVCAS appointment
Info about the UKVCAS services
Gather your supporting documents
Get your photos taken
Affix your photo to the referee declarations and get them to sign and date them - the forms don't need to be signed after the application is submitted, they can be signed up to a month before, as noted here: Referee details and declarations.
Gather your evidence of residence
If self-employed, provide your latest self assessment
LITUK and language test certificates and any degree certificates
Your passport and/or ID card, your spouse's ID document and marriage certificate if applicable
PR card or document with ILR stamp or endorsement, if applicable
Any other required document, look at the checklist generated by the form and the guidance.
Documents, such as marriage certificates, in a language other than English, must be translated
Upload all supporting documents to the UKVCAS interface at least two days prior to the appointment
What happens next
Attend your UKVCAS appointment
Applications can take up to six months, please be patient
Change of address or circumstances after you apply
Wait for decision letter and book your ceremony. See ceremony transfers if applicable.
You are not British until after the ceremony, enjoy!
You may now apply for your first British passport.
If you have a BRP, you must return it within 5 days, see if this applies to you: Returning BRPs after the ceremony.