In most cases, documents are returned with the approval letter. In the unlikely event that they are not returned, here are some steps to take to get the documents back:
  1. Contact the Home Office via this general email address:
  2. Request documents via return of documents online form (take note of the record number):…/Return_of_Documents.ofml.
  3. If documents have not been returned after 10 days, chase up via documents not received online form (you need the documents not returned record number for this):…/Progress_enquiry.ofml.
  4. Contact your case worker via email, if you have their email address.
  5. Send a letter to the Home Office via Recorded Delivery.
  6. Make a complaint to the Home Office: Complaints procedure - Home Office - GOV.UK .
  7. Contact your MP and ask them to follow it up on your behalf. You can find your MP here: Find your MP - TheyWorkForYou.