If your local council’s next appointment is a long way away, you can transfer your ceremony to another location.

Contact the nationality team:





Further Nationality Enquiries contact number: 0300 123 2253

​ It is a good idea to explain the reasons why you need it, such as that you need to travel at short notice for work or family reasons and your local council hasn’t got any earlier appointments.

​ The citizenship approval letter has an email address on it, this can be used to request a transfer of the ceremony. The Home Office will then request a return of the certificate from the local council and issue a new certificate to the chosen council (this has to be done to prevent fraud). The newly chosen council will then issue an invitation to the ceremony once they have received all details and the certificate.

​ You will get your notification a few days later.

​ The online AN form gives you the option of choosing another council for the ceremony when you fill in the form.

If you have a biometric residence permit, you must return it to the Home Office within 5 days of the ceremony, or you risk a hefty fine (up to £1,000 per day!).