Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) must be returned to the Home Office right after the citizenship ceremony.

You could be fined up to £1,000 if you do not return your permit within 5 working days.

This does not apply to Biometric Residence Cards (BRCs) issued to family members of EEA nationals under EU rules, such as Permanent Residence (PR) cards, even if they are also biometric.

Pink biometric cards issued under the EUSS that say EU SETTLEMENT SCHEME are not BRPs.

PR cards issued to EEA nationals under EU rules are not biometric and do not need to be returned.

EEA nationals and their family members from outside the EEA do not normally get BRPs, so this requirement does not apply in the majority of cases.

People who obtain ILR via the Windrush Scheme do get a BRP, even if they are EEA nationals, this document must be returned after the ceremony.

A BRP looks like this:

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The main difference is the wording on the top of the card. BRPs have the words RESIDENCE PERMIT, while BRCs have the words RESIDENCE CARD.

Return your BRP to the Home Office

You must send your biometric residence permit (BRP) back to the Home Office within 5 working days of getting your certificate of British citizenship.

Cut your BRP into 4 pieces and put it in a windowless envelope.

Include a note saying you’re returning your permit because you’ve become a citizen. Include your name, date of birth and the document number (found on the front of the card) in the note.

Naturalisation BRP Returns
PO Box 195
BS20 1BT
Due to the requirement to return the document, non EEA nationals who have a BRP cannot travel until they get their British passport, however, they can get a certificate of entitlement instead.

It is not possible to rely on the Naturalisation Certificate to enter the UK.

EEA nationals can still rely on their EEA passport or ID card to enter the UK in the usual way after naturalisation.