Pending citizenship applications

​ If you need to notify the Home Office of a change of address or circumstances after you have submitted your application, you can contact the nationality team as below:

UK Visas & Immigration
The Capital Building
L3 9PP

Change of address:

Nationality team emails:

​ You need to notify them of a material change in circumstances, such as:
  • Moving home (new address)
  • Any penalties, convictions or fines you receive
​ You do not need to notify them if:
  • You change jobs, stop working, lose your job, leave your job, etc.
  • You set up a company or become self-employed.

British passport applications

Once your citizenship has been granted and you have applied for your first British passport, if you need to tell HM Passport Office about a change of address or circumstances that you think may affect your application, you should write to:

Team 24
101 Old Hall Street
L3 9BD

​The number for the passport advice line is 0300 222 0000.

​ There is an online form to update your address: UKVI - Change your address or your legal representative's details - When to use the form

​ The AN form asks you whether you want to receive correspondence to another address you provide. This can be useful if you intend to move or go away while your application is decided.