A parking ticket given by a traffic warden or council officer does not need to be declared unless you think that you have so many that it will affect your 'good character'.

Penalties issued by police officers are different, as are tickets which result in a court appearance.

Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) are declared under the heading of “A caution, warning, reprimand or other penalty”.

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Points on your license will stay visible for 4 years and count towards totting up for 3.

Lawyer answer: The rule of thumb is quite simple. If you went to court, declare it. If you didn't, then it is almost certain that you don't need to, unless you got a police caution.

For speeding fines, and other driving offences, the following box should be chosen:

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Choosing the above will then produce the screen below, where you can provide an explanation in the box.
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You may want to look at these government pages that explain the various types of motoring penalties:

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