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There are provisions for late applications for those who missed the June 30th deadline. New Covid provisions for EU Settlement applications have been published. They include Provisions allowing an absence of over 12 months for people with pre-settled status, a provision for a second absence of up to 12 months and for choosing to spend time out of the UK over Covid related issues.

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Language and LITUK


The language requirement, English and Life in the UK tests. Exemptions on age and health grounds. Please note the language and LITUK requirements DO NOT apply to REGISTRATION (MN1, UKF, UKM, T).

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  • Degrees and qualifications

    UK Degrees

    You will have met the language requirement if:
    • You have an academic qualification which is either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or PhD in the UK; or, if awarded outside the UK, is deemed by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the UK (UK NARIC) to meet or exceed the recognised standard of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or PhD in the UK; and
    • You provide the specified evidence to show that they have the qualification and that it was
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  • Booking your language test

    Details about authorized test centres can be found here:

    There are a number of websites out there offering to book language tests, these are usually sites that charge you extra to do something you can do yourself. You must book tests EXCLUSIVELY with the AUTHORISED PROVIDERS listed below.

    At the time of writing, the language test fee is...
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  • Life in the UK test

    Life in the UK test

    Everyone needs to pass the Life in the UK test to apply for citizenship, unless they are exempt.

    See: Exemptions

    The Life in the UK test does not expire.

    Booking your test

    There is only one official way to book it and this is via Life in the UK Test - GOV.UK

    You need to have proof of identity, such as:
    • valid passport
    • valid travel document with a photo (you cannot use an emergency travel document)
    • biometric
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  • The language requirement

    The language requirement

    Unless you have a recognised qualification, or are exempt on age or health grounds, you will need to sit the language test.

    You will have to do this even if you:
    • Grew up in the UK
    • Got GCSEs/A levels in the UK
    • Have lived in the UK for decades
    • Have an English language qualification, such as a Cambridge Certificate
    • Work as a translator
    • Teach English
    See if you are exempt:...
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  • Life in the UK test - study and practice materials

    Life in the UK test - study and practice materials


    It is recommended that you read the most updated version of the official Life in the UK books.

    Please note that only the TSO Shop version of the book (whichever edition is available at the moment) is the real deal.

    This is the official site: TSO Shop - Page Not Found

    The above link is for all 4 books in PDF format. There are various options and books can be purchased separately, in various formats such as:
    • Print
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  • Exemptions


    People over the age of 65 are exempt from both the LITUK and language tests. There are also exemptions on health grounds.

    If the date of birth provided on the online AN form indicates you are over 65, the questions about the language and Life in the UK requirements will not appear on the form.

    It is still a good idea to write a brief note in your cover letter or further information section of the form, to indicate that, as you are over 65, you are...
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  • Lost or missing degree certificates and diplomas

    Lost or missing degree certificates and diplomas

    If you have misplaced your degree certificate, you can prove you have a degree with the following documents:
    • an original and official transcript with your name, the name of the institution, your degree and confirmation of the award; or
    • an original and official letter from your university confirming it can’t reissue your certificate or when it will be issued.
    The letter must include:
    • your name
    • your degree
    • the date the degree was or will be awarded.
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  • Majority English speaking countries

    Majority English speaking countries

    Nationals of certain countries which are regarded as majority English-speaking countries do not need to to satisfy the English language requirement for naturalisation and do not need to show a formal speaking and listening qualification.

    The following countries are regarded as majority English speakers:
    • Antigua and Barbuda
    • Australia
    • The Bahamas
    • Barbados
    • Belize
    • Canada
    • Dominica
    • Grenada
    • Guyana
    • Jamaica
    • New Zealand
    • Republic of Ireland
    • St Kitts and Nevis
    • St Lucia
    • St
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