People over the age of 65 are exempt from both the LITUK and language tests. There are also exemptions on health grounds.

If the date of birth provided on the online AN form indicates you are over 65, the questions about the language and Life in the UK requirements will not appear on the form.

It is still a good idea to write a brief note in your cover letter or further information section of the form, to indicate that, as you are over 65, you are exempt from both language and Life in the UK requirements and, for that reason, are not providing any evidence, as there have been cases where the caseworker writes back asking for this evidence.

Details regarding exemptions for long term physical and mental conditions.

Pages 7-9 of this publication contain further info regarding exemptions: Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK.

Additionally, nationals of majority English-speaking countries are exempt from the language requirement (and test), but NOT from the LITUK test.

Majority English speaking countries