UK Degrees

You will have met the language requirement if:
  • You have an academic qualification which is either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or PhD in the UK; or, if awarded outside the UK, is deemed by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the UK (UK NARIC) to meet or exceed the recognised standard of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or PhD in the UK; and
  • You provide the specified evidence to show that they have the qualification and that it was taught or researched in English at or above the required CEFR level.
Check if your degree is acceptable on pages 19-21 of the Knowledge of language and life in the UK.

Foundation degrees may not be acceptable as they are not to Bachelor's level.

If your degree is from a UK university, you only need your degree certificate.

No NARIC is needed if you have a degree from a UK university.

Degrees taught in the UK by a UK university are assumed to be taught in English, this includes Modern Languages degrees with foreign languages from a UK university, even when a lot of it was not taught in English.

Degrees from outside the UK

You can prove your knowledge of English by having a degree that was taught or researched in English.

If your degree is not from a UK university, in addition to your degree certificate, you’ll also need:

An Academic Qualification Level Statement (AQUALS) from UK NARIC confirming the degree is equivalent to a UK qualification, if the degree is from a majority English-speaking country; and

If your degree is from a non-majority English-speaking country. you’ll also need an English Language Proficiency Statement (ELPS) from UK NARIC confirming the degree was taught in English.

NARIC fees can be higher than the cost of sitting the language test, so it may be easier and cheaper to just sit the test if you have a non UK degree.

Diplomas, PgDips, PgCerts, PGCEs, and professional diplomas

Postgraduate Diplomas (PgDips) may be accepted

Please note that PgDips are not the same as PgCerts, PGCEs, and professional diplomas, which as per the Home Office guidance are not accepted.

PGCEs are not acceptable. A caseworker may have erroneously accepted it on one particular occasion, but such a decision cannot be relied upon.

Pages 20-21 of the Knowledge of language and life in the UK refer to acceptable and non acceptable diplomas.

If the Home Office rejects your PGCE, or any other qualification, you may not have enough time to book and sit the language test before the deadline given to you to satisfy the language requirement.

Language qualifications: Cambridge Certificates, ESOL, TESOL, TOEFL, etc.

English language qualifications such as Cambridge Certificates, ESOL, TESOL, etc. are not acceptable, even if they are at a higher level than the required language tests.

Suitable qualifications (degrees and diplomas) are valid indefinitely, they do not expire.

If you have lost or misplaced your degree certificate or diploma, see: Lost or missing degree certificates and diplomas.