Everyone needs to pass the Life in the UK test to apply for citizenship, unless they are exempt.

See: Exemptions

The Life in the UK test does not expire.

Booking your test

There is only one official way to book it and this is via Life in the UK Test - GOV.UK

You need to have proof of identity, such as:
  • valid passport
  • valid travel document with a photo (you cannot use an emergency travel document)
  • biometric residence permit
  • biometric residence card
See this document for more details: Identification requirements.

The requirements are very strict and if you do not have this evidence, you will not be able to take the test and will not get a refund. Full details are on this website: Life in the UK: your Life in the UK test

Proof of address is no longer required.

You need to submit the document you use to book your test, with your AN application.

Applicants who passed the test a long time ago and used a different document to book it may submit a copy of their old passport.

The document presented on the day of the test to confirm your identity must be the same document you used to register and book the test and the details used to book your test must be as stated on the document provided.

If you have changed your name, you must also provide evidence, such as marriage certificate or deed poll.

If you have issues with names, for example, documents being in your married name, you may want to give them a call on their helpline on:
0800 015 4245.

The booking form asks for a Home Office reference number. Most EU nationals don't have a Home Office reference number. If you haven’t got one, you can leave the field blank. If you have any document from the Home Office such as a Residence Permit, Registration Certificate or EUSS application, then use that number.

A certificate is no longer issued, just an email with a reference number.

The online AN form will ask for the reference number as below:

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