It is recommended that you read the most updated version of the official Life in the UK books.

Please note that only the TSO Shop version of the book (whichever edition is available at the moment) is the real deal.

This is the official site: TSO Shop - Page Not Found

The above link is for all 4 books in PDF format. There are various options and books can be purchased separately, in various formats such as:
  • Print
  • Kindle
  • iBooks
  • PDF
  • CD
  • eBook
  • MP3
Prices vary according to the format chosen.

Formats other than print are all digital formats and may require a specific device or app to access the, for example, a Kindle reader or the Kindle app for your device for the Kindle format, or a CD drive for the CD.

There may be later versions advertised elsewhere, but these are NOT the official version.

Mobile apps
There are also good official Life in the UK Test Apps for studying and assessing your knowledge, these should be a secondary resource.
Android version: Official Life in the UK Test – Apps on Google Play
Apple iOS version (for iPad and iPhone): Life in the UK
Although some people find the apps easier than reading the book, others have sat the test and found that the apps and online mock tests did not cover the full range of questions.

The questions regarding the UK's membership of the EU have been removed as per addendum below.

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