From July 1st, you can no longer apply for citizenship with a Permanent Residence Document (PR card).

In order to apply for citizenship, applicants must have ILR, including Settled Status.

You can still use your PR card to prove lawful residence, in the same way as you'd provide any other supporting documents for this purpose, such as P60s, self-assessments, etc.

If you haven't had settled status for 12 months and have a PR card, you can still rely on your PR status to apply before you've had settled status for 12 months, as noted here: When can I apply for citizenship?

The form asks whether you are an EEA national or a family member who has a PR document.


Non-EEA nationals who are not here as family members of EEA nationals get ILR instead of PR, which fulfils a similar function. They are usually issued with a BRP.

EEA nationals who have been living in the UK before 2006 may have been issued with ILR. This is valid for naturalisation without the need for a PR card.

If applying with "old" ILR, you will need to provide evidence of residence since the date ILR was granted, i.e. the date on your passport stamp, endorsement or Home Office letter.

Filling in the AN form

If you say Yes to the question regarding whether you are an EEA national or a family member of an EEA national, you will be asked whether you will apply with PR or ILR.

You must answer YES to this question even if you have settled status.

EEA National

If you select ILR, which includes settled status, you will be asked for the date when ILR was granted. This would be the date on your ILR stamp or the date when you got confirmation that settled status was granted.

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You can apply for citizenship with settled status 12 months after you first got permanent residence status. You do not need a permanent residence document. If you didn't have a document certifying PR status, you need to have had settled status for at least 12 months unless married to a British citizen.

Although it is possible to obtain settled status in less than five years in certain circumstances, for example, applying as the child (under 21) of a parent with settled status, it is still necessary to have lived in the UK for at least 5 years in order to apply for citizenship.

PR, ILR and settled status on the document checklist

Please note that the checklist generated by the form refers to this as "Freedom from immigration time restrictions". Proof of ILR, including settled status is proof of freedom from immigration time restrictions.

At the time of writing, the checklist may also still say: "you must have a permanent residence card before you can apply for citizenship ..apply for a permanent resident card." This is a leftover from the days when all EEA nationals and family members needed a PR card to apply before we had settled status. This is an oversight on their part, although the AN form was updated to allow for settled status details to be provided, the checklist has yet to be updated to reflect this.

Evidence of settled status, such as the PDF of the decision letter or a screenshot of the settled status record should be provided.

Even though both the letter and the onscreen record will say they are not proof of status, this relates to proving status to third parties like landlords and employers, in this case, the application is submitted to the Home Office, who will be able to check their own records and verify the status.
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