Family applications

You can include family members in your application. Once you start your form, you get the option to add spouses, children and siblings to the form.

However, each individual will be assessed against the statutory requirements in their own right.

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The fees are the same as for individual applications, there are no savings nor discounts for applying together as a family.

The main advantage of a family application is to have just one UKVCAS appointment for all applicants, as well as being able to upload shared supporting evidence where relevant.

It is possible to add a family member at any point during the application, as long as the form has not been submitted. To do this, click on the All Applicants link that appears at the top of the form, as shown below:

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Once you are on the All Applicants page, follow the process noted above.

If you add a family member to the application, you will be able to edit their application form at any time, just like the form for the main applicant, by going back to the All Applicants area and clicking on the relevant family member.

It is also possible to remove a family member from the application at any point until the form is submitted, by clicking the Remove this applicant link.

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The form asks “Do you have any dependants not applying with you at this time?

If you have children who are already British, the answer is NO, as your British children will not be applying at anytime in the future.

You can also say NO if your spouse is not applying with you, even if they are not British.

If you choose YES, the form will ask whether any of them have any convictions or court orders against them.

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