If you need to add notes, there is a special section at the end of the form to do so. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of the form, this can be done from ANY section of the form. You will see the link highlighted in the screen below, which can be accessed even if you haven't finished answering the questions.

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Clicking on "Show and edit answers" shows a list of all the answers provided and an option to change them. Scroll down to the bottom and the following option appears:

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Although the section is, rather confusingly, labelled "Immigration details", when you get to it, its title changes to "Other information", as seen below.

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This box can be used to overcome the limitations of the rigid online structure of the form and provide details such as:
  • Discrepancies between names used on various documents
  • Details about a second job, as the form only allows to enter one current employment
  • Being both employed and self-employed
  • That the absence dates are approximate and to the best of your recollection
  • That you have provided estimated details of fines, penalties, etc. as they were a long time ago
  • That the evidence of residence supplied is all you have, as you are not working and have no letters from government departments
  • Anything else that requires an explanation.
As the box is limited to 500 characters, you may want to attach a cover letter where fuller details can be provided.

See: Cover letter.