When you submit the form and make payment, you are presented with the following screen:

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As can be seen above, there's a time limit to download the referee declarations and to book an appointment.

Most applicants are given around 8-9 weeks to book.

A reminder is sent to those who are coming close to their deadline.

Once you register with Sopra Steria, you get the following screen:

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Post-submission process
  1. Submit the online application with UKVI and make payment;
  2. Check emails, including spam folders, for the confirmation email from UKVI;
  3. Click on the Sopra Steria link;
  4. Register an account with Sopra Steria;
  5. Make a note of the username and chosen password;
  6. Check available options; and
  7. Choose a suitable appointment.
Suggestions to find and book an appointment

Steps 6 and 7 can be repeated until a suitable appointment is found, up until the deadline give by UKVI as above.

Members have reported success logging in after midnight and/or at around 9am.

If you experience difficulties booking your appointment, finalising the process or making payment, you may want to try another web browser.

The password is your reference number on the payment sheet.

UKCVAS Sopra Steria have now removed the button that said "Only show free appointments", so it's necessary to scroll through the available appointments to locate the free ones.

A reminder will be sent to applicants who have not yet booked their appointment.

What happens if you don't book an appointment or fail to turn up for your appointment?

Applicants who don't attend a biometrics appointment will have their application rejected as invalid.

Unlike a refusal, where the fee is non-refundable, for invalid applications, most of the fee is refunded minus a small admin charge.

CSI questions at the appointment

UKVCAS staff have taken it upon themselves, to ask applicants for proof of CSI even when they didn't require it at all, for example, because they were never students or self-sufficient persons, they worked continuously, etc.

This doesn't mean everyone needs to have had it, they are just being officious with this.

UKVCAS staff do not work for the Home Office, they are just intermediaries, they do not deal with applications, make decisions, etc. only submit the uploaded documents to the Home Office.

UKVCAS staff are not immigration advisors either, so they can't tell you what the requirements are for each application they deal with.

If you didn't need to have CSI, all this can be safely ignored.

Should the caseworker dealing with your application require further information or documents, they will get back to you asking for it.

UKVCAS asking for CSI info - UKVCAS emails regarding documents and CSI - UKCEN Citizenship and Residence for European Nationals and their families

See: Uploading documents to the UKVCAS interface.

Preparing documents for your UKCVAS appointment
Useful info about the UKVCAS service provision