Once you have created an account and booked an appointment, you need to upload all your documents to the UKVCAS interface, unless your appointment includes scanning services. These include:
  • ID document(s): passport or ID card
  • PR document (if using one to apply)
  • Language test or degree certificates or diplomas
  • Marriage certificate and spouse's passport, if applicable
  • Printed and signed referee declarations, with photos attached
  • Evidence of residence for the relevant period
  • Evidence of lawful residence if applying with settled status
  • Cover letter
  • Any other supporting documents as per the checklist generated by the form and AN guidance
All passport pages should be scanned, even if there are no stamps or visas on them.

UKVCAS prefer files scanned in black and white or greyscale, these are also smaller in size.

Individual files can't be 6MB or over. If you need to send a lot of documents, you'll need to scan them in two documents (or more if needed) so that they don't go over 6MB.

PDF and JPG files are accepted.

Issues have been reported with the UKVCAS screen when using the Chrome browser, it's not allowing them to book an appintment, nor to upload documents. Try another browser (Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Document categories on the UKVCAS screen

The UKCVAS interface is used to upload documents for a variety of applications, including various work, business and student visa applications.

The document upload interface has been continuously changing over time, so it may not resemble the example provided here.

Most of the categories are not applicable to citizenship applications, since they do not require evidence of finances, business, sponsorship, studies, life events, nor medical information. Although it is necessary to provide employment and travel history on the form, there is no requirement to back this up with evidence, other than the evidence of employment for residence/lawful residence, but this falls under the residence heading.

If the documents you need to provide do not fall under the specified headings, the "Other" heading can be used.

Evidence of residence and lawful residence can go under the Residence in the UK heading.

It is recommended to take your documents with you to your appointment, in case they need to be re-checked or something didn't upload correctly or there is a problem with the image quality.

Submitting documents

UKVCAS have added the option to submit documents. Please refer to their web page for more information: UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services

You can buy the document checking service if you want our team to check that you have correctly uploaded the documents for your appointment, that the scanned documents you provided are of an acceptable quality and are complete.

Please note: We have introduced the option to submit your uploaded documents to UKVI before your appointment takes place. If you choose to submit your documents and you have purchased document checking, we will perform the document checking process before the submission.

To use this service you must upload your documents through our website at least 2 working days before your appointment date.
The SUBMIT button will disappear once you are less than 2 days away from the appointment, but it's still possible to continue uploading documents.

If you have paid extra for document scanning, you don't need to scan your own, just take the originals to the appointment with you.

You can still upload any documents you have in digital format, for example, PDFs downloaded from online systems.

See: Preparing documents for your UKCVAS appointment

Any documents uploaded after your appointment will NOT be submitted with your application

Delayed submission

It is possible to upload documents until you 10pm on the date of your appointment if the agent at your appointment submitted your application as a delayed submission. In this case you would have until 10pm that day to upload the rest of your supporting documents, at which point your application would be submitted automatically. If your application was submitted via delayed submission, the agent who served you would have made this explicitly clear during the appointment, as well as giving you an annex form detailing the exception.

At the time of writing, the UKVCAS screen looks like the screenshot below, kindly provided by one of our members, however, this has been changing and may not look exactly the same when you submit your application:Click image for larger versionName:	SCREENSHOT.jpgViews:	1Size:	77.9 KBID:	41581
Useful info about the UKVCAS service provision