Nationality applications, including adult naturalisation (AN) and MN1/UKF/Form T registration, have to be made online and are handled through Sopra Steria, UKVI's commercial partner. They provide services such as:
  • Biometric enrolment (no longer done at the Post Office)
  • ID checking, meaning you get to keep your passport(s) and/or ID card(s)
  • Document scanning
  • Document checking, this means they check the documents you uploaded are OK and of suitable quality
  • Forwarding all supporting documents in digital format to the Home Office.
The appointment is not an interview, UKVCASstaff do not work for the Home Office and are not involved in the decision making process in any way, they are just intermediaries whose job is to forward biometric data and supporting documents and check passports.

Service points and appointment types

Core service points

Core service points offer some free appointments. Please note that the button that said "Only show free appointments" has been removed, so it is necessary to scroll through the available appointments to locate the free ones. Appointments are released in the mornings, you may need to come back another day to locate a free appointment.

Scanning and checking services are not included in the price. That means you must upload all your supporting documents before the appointment, unless you purchased the additional scanning service.

You can select the Document Scanning service for each member of your group when you book your Core Service Point appointment. The charge is £49.50 per person.

UKVCAS scanning services

Enhanced service points

Prices start from £69.99 per person.
Appointments at one of the enhanced service points includes document scanning and checking services.

Premium lounge

The price for a standard premium lounge appointment between 10:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday starts from £210 per person. The price for an out of hours appointment before 10:00 and after 16:00 weekdays and all day at weekends start from £270 per person.

There are premium lounges in the City of London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Document scanning and checking is included in the price.

UKVCAS Premium Lounge

The premium lounge provides an upgraded service in comfortable surroundings with spacious seating areas, hi-speed wifi and business facilities such as scanning and printing. Free daily newspapers and hot and cold beverages will be available as well as a choice of freshly prepared pastries, light snacks and fruit. The application process will be completed in an individual application suite where biometric collection and document scanning can take place in an environment of seclusion and privacy

What happens at the appointment

Full information about what to expect at the appointment, the various types of service points and the services they provide can be found on their website.

Visiting a UKVCAS service point.

Biometrics are enrolled at the appointment.

Their document checking service is basic and does not check whether you are sending the specific documents required for your application.

Sopra Steria UKVI FAQs

UKVCAS service details

Preparing documents for your UKCVAS appointment
Uploading documents to the UKVCAS interface

UKVCAS contact form

UKVCAS asking for CSI UKVCAS emails regarding documents and CSI - UKCEN Citizenship and Residence for European Nationals and their families