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Unfortunately our funding came to an end. We achieved what we set out to do since 2016, which was to help as many people as possible, to secure their status here in the UK after Brexit. It was a great pleasure to be here for all of you during all these years and to share the joy of all your success stories. Each and every success made our day, as did your support and very kind words.

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  • Preparing documents for your UKVCAS appointment

    Sopra Steria, the Home Office's commercial partner is in charge of sending all documents to the Home Office in digital format.

    This means no longer having to send original printed documents to the Home Office with your application.

    Passports are also checked at the appointment, so the original documents do not have to be sent when using these services.

    Sopra Steria handle a variety of applications, and the requirements and documents for...
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  • Authorised translators

    All documents in a language other than English need to be translated in order to be used in your applications. We have a number of suitably qualified translators whose credentials have been verified by the forum admins. Their details are as below.
    Name Language(s) Qualifications/Professional body Contact
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  • Translations


    All documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official English translation provided by a qualified translator.

    Ask the translator or translation company to confirm in writing:
    • that the translation is a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’
    • the date of the translation
    • the full name and contact details of the translator or a representative of the translation company
    Original documents must be included with any...
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  • List of nationalities that require entry clearance for the UK (visa nationals)

    Nationals of the countries listed below may not be allowed to travel to, or enter the UK, without the relevant visa or permit.
    Afghanistan Laos
    Albania Lebanon
    Algeria Lesotho
    Angola Liberia
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  • Subject Access Request - how to obtain information from companies and government bodies

    A Subject Access Request (SAR) can be sent to any company, organisation or government body, to obtain your personal data. You can send one to:
    • A bank, to obtain old statements, including for closed accounts
    • A credit card company, mortgage company or any other lender
    • The DWP, if you have claimed benefits (if you have not, they will have no records)
    • HMRC, to obtain details about past employment and taxes paid
    • Your GP or hospital where you have been a patient
    • Local authorities, for example,
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  • National Insurance records and thresholds

    National Insurance thresholds

    Historical NI thresholds

    NI thresholds from 1999

    Check your National Insurance record

    State pension forecast
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  • Sample ILR documents

    ILR can take the form of:

    A stamp or endorsement on a passport or other residence document such as a residence permit;
    A sticker or vignette;
    A letter from the Home Office stating you have Indefinite Leave to Enter (ILE) or ILR;
    A Biometric document (BRP).

    BRPs are most commonly issued to non EEA nationals.
    EEA nationals who applied for ILR under the Windrush...
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  • Subject Access Request for personal data held by the Home Office

    In some cases, you may want to find out the information the Home Office holds about you. This could be useful for the purpose of:
    • Getting details of your trips abroad to be able to list your absences from the UK. Please note that many EEA nationals have been unsuccessful with this as the Home Office often has no data.
    • Retrieving your WRS record (A8 nationals only).
    • Finding out whether the Home Office has any records of you having been granted ILR in the past. Please note that many have been
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  • Home Office document return service

    If you had to send your passport or ID document to the Home Office, you can use the Document Return Service to be able to travel before your application is finalised.

    As the same form is used to withdraw applications, you should "make sure the withdraw application" box is unticked.

    The website says you should receive your documents within 10 working...
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  • How to complain to the Home Office

    If you need to complain about the service provided by the Home Office, this is their compliants procedure: Complaints procedure - Home Office - GOV.UK
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