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  • Residence criteria

    The deadline for most applicants was June 30th. If you missed the deadline, you may still be able to apply. See: late applications.

    If you have pre-settled status, you will need to apply for settled status before your pre-settled status expires.

    You will not obtain settled status automatically.

    You will need to make a new application to obtain settled status.

    For pre-settled status
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  • Evidence of residence

    You only need to submit evidence of residence if:

    You have been offered pre-settled status despite having lived in the UK 5 years or longer and you want to get settled status; or
    You have been asked to provide it after starting your application, because the automated checks did not find enough data.

    You don't need to provide evidence for your entire UK residence, just enough to show whether you qualify for settled or pre-settled...
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  • How residence is assessed by the system

    Automated checks and residence

    The process starts by carrying out automated checks of your HMRC and DWP records to confirm UK residence.

    Automated checks are only carried out for the last 7 years.

    Tax records are only checked for the purpose of establishing residence, the amount of tax paid is not taken into account.

    There is no requirement to have worked, paid taxes, etc. for settled status, however,...
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