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  • Evidence of residence

    Settled status, is not enough evidence of residence for the last 3 or 5 years, as the criteria to obtain it is different, and it can be based on an earlier period of residence and not necessariy the last 5 years.

    For that reason, the Home Office requires additional evidence of residence sent with your application.

    The same principle would apply to a PR card with an issue date less than 5 years ago (or 3 if married to a British spouse), if...
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  • Citizenship and British passport

    At the moment, you don't have to have a UK passport, it's up to you. You can travel with your original country's passport.

    Things may change after the end of June 2021, when having status becomes mandatory for EEA nationals.

    If a person is has a dual citizenship (UK and another EU member state) it is recommended that they apply for a British passport and they use the British passport to enter and exit the UK.

    *Dual citizens are advised to travel...
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  • The Lounes Judgment - naturalised EEA nationals retain their EEA rights

    The UK has been trying to deny EU citizens who naturalise as British, any rights under EU law, which would be a problem for any dual national who wishes to sponsor family members or who has a non-EEA spouse, however, in the Lounes case, the European Court of Justice ruled that EU citizens who move to the UK and later naturalise as British retain their free movement rights under EU law even after becoming British.

    Press Release about the Lounes Judgment
    Toufik Lounes...
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  • How to apply for citizenship (naturalisation)

    Details regarding the application are found here:

    The paper form posted on the above is aimed at residents of the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or a British Overseas Territory not served by UKVCAS/Sopra Steria.

    People living in the UK should apply online: AN form
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  • Naturalisation and impact on spouses and family members

    If the non EEA family member has been issued with a PR card, there is no need to use the Lounes paper application. They can apply in the usual way, using their PR card number to prove relationship and residence.

    See: Applying with PR

    There is no time limit for close family members of EEA nationals with settled or pre-settled status in the UK, to join their family members here, provided the relationship existed before the end of the...
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  • Dual citizenship

    Dual citizenship is subject to change and can be complicated in some cases. You should check with your Embassy or Consular Office to find out what the situation is with your country.

    At the time of writing, Germany only allows dual with another EU country, so German nationals had to apply before the end of the transition period, which ended at 11pm on December 31st 2020. German nationals must check with the German authorities before applying for British citizenship....
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