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  • Children and their rights to British citizenship

    Many children are growing up in the UK, including many who were born in the UK, either unaware that they are not currently regarded as British citizens, or that they have rights to British citizenship. They include many children in care. It is vital that children, their parents and carers, including local authorities, understand these rights and are able to ensure children secure these rights.

    Information leaflets published by the Project for the Registration...
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  • Booking the ceremony

    British citizenship is only officially acquired after attending the ceremony, not when the Home Office makes a decision to accept the application.

    It is no longer possible for people living in the UK, to have their ceremonies abroad

    However, those who applied on the basis of marriage to a British spouse are not subject to the Future Intentions requirement, and should be able to have a ceremony abroad.

    Members who applied...
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  • Dual citizenship

    Dual citizenship is subject to change and can be complicated in some cases. You should check with your Embassy or Consular Office to find out what the situation is with your country.

    At the time of writing, Germany only allows dual with another EU country, so German nationals had to apply before the end of the transition period, which ended at 11 pm on December 31st 2020. German nationals must check with the German authorities before applying for British citizenship....
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  • British passport applications for UK born children

    If a child is born in the UK after at least one parent has acquired PR status, ILR or Settled Status, then they would be automatically British and all you need to do is apply for a British passport. You will need to send supporting documents, see the government documents below for full details:

    Treaty Rights Guidance

    Treaty Rights Policy

    If you fill in the online passport application, the countersignatory will be sent an email...
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  • Children born in the UK to a British parent

    Children are automatically British citizens if they were born in the UK after 1 January 1983 and one of their parents was a British citizen or settled here at that time, even if the other parent wasn’t. They don’t need to register, the can go ahead and apply for a British passport.
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  • Children of Irish nationals

    Irish nationals are considered as settled in the UK immediately on taking up residence.

    Unlike other EU nationals, they don't need to have a minimum period of residence, nor be exercising treaty rights. Therefore, UK born children of Irish citizens were born to a settled parent and are already British.

    If a child was born in the UK before 1 July 2006 and the parents were not married, it is advisable to get legal advice.
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  • Children of British citizens by naturalisation

    If the British parent became naturalised after the child was born, the child is not automatically British, however, they may still be British if either parent had PR status or ILR at the time of the birth, provided the child was born in the UK.
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  • UK citizenship for UK born children of EEA parents

    On 1 July 2021, new legislation introduced a new Section to the British Nationality Act 1981.

    This new section ensures that certain children born from 1 July 2021 onwards will automatically acquire British citizenship in situations where a parent qualified for settled status before that date, but is only granted it after the child’s birth.

    Please read the following - British citizenship for children whose parents miss the EUSS (settled status)...
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