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  • Downloading the online AN form as a PDF

    Downloading the online AN form as a PDF

    You may want to download a copy of the online AN form in PDF format, which can be viewed on your browser and printed off if required.

    It is possible to download a PDF even if the form is incomplete, in that case, the PDF will have the words "incomplete application" appended to the end of the file name.

    To download a PDF of the form, go to the top of the screen and click on the applicant's name as shown below. If doing a family application,...
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  • Expired passports, ID cards and travel documents

    It is possible to apply using a valid passport or ID card, however, the form will ask you if you have a valid passport and, if the answer is Yes, it will ask you to provide the document, even if you also have a valid ID card.
    Passports only need to be valid at the time the application is submitted online, not on the date of your biometrics appointment.

    All documents are uploaded and sent in digital format to the Home Office, so there is no...
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  • Timescale to complete the AN form online

    The form will be kept for a month, then, if you ask to save it, after submitting it you must log in within 10 weeks to download the documents.

    You must return to your application within 10 weeks, or it will be deleted to protect your privacy.

    You can keep your application alive much longer than 10 weeks by logging in regularly, however, if the form is updated, you may be asked to answer some questions again.

    An admin has kept...
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  • Family applications and dependants

    Family applications

    You can include family members in your application. Once you start your form, you get the option to add spouses, children and siblings to the form.

    However, each individual will be assessed against the statutory requirements in their own right.

    The fees are the same as for individual applications, there are no savings nor discounts for applying together as a family.

    The main advantage...
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  • Uploading documents to the UKVCAS interface

    Once you have created an account and booked an appointment, you need to upload all your documents to the UKVCAS interface, unless your appointment includes scanning services. These include:
    • ID document(s): passport or ID card
    • PR document (if using one to apply)
    • Language test or degree certificates or diplomas
    • Marriage certificate and spouse's passport, if applicable
    • Printed and signed referee declarations, with photos attached
    • Evidence of residence for the relevant period
    • Evidence
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  • Online AN application overview

    This process applies to AN applications as well as registration (MN1/UKF).
    1. Fill in the form online.
    2. Obtain the necessary details from your referees to enter them on the relevant part of the form (see Referees).
    3. Download the referee declarations when presented to you on the form. These have to be printed out, signed and dated by your referee and uploaded with the rest of supporting documents
    4. Submit the form and pay the fee(s) for your application(s). A this point, it is possible to print
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  • Previous immigration applications

    The form has a question about previous immigration applications.

    PR applications for EEA nationals only certify a right that was acquired automatically so they are not immigration applications.

    If you have applied for settled and/or pre-settled status, this is regarded as an immigration application.

    Details should be provided as below:

    If you applied for other visas such as visit visa,...
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  • Submitting the form and booking your UKVCAS appointment

    When you submit the form and make payment, you are presented with the following screen:

    As can be seen above, there's a time limit to download the referee declarations and to book an appointment.

    Most applicants are given around 8-9 weeks to book.

    A reminder is sent to those who are coming close to their deadline.

    Once you register with Sopra Steria, you get the following screen:...
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