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  • Kubica2010
    started a topic Proof of residency while unemployed

    Proof of residency while unemployed

    Can you help me, please?
    I am in process of collecting information about my residency in the UK for my Citizenship application.

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  • EggsBenedict
    started a topic Absence during COVID

    Absence during COVID

    Good morning,

    I would really appreciate your help when it comes to some absences from the U.K. and how it affects my British citizenship...
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  • Apply for citizenship if your spouse is a British citizen

    If an EU citizen gets settlement status and has a British partner, then he or she can apply for British citizenship immediately.
    What other conditions...
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  • Mr Pink
    started a topic Suggestion Evidence of residence

    Evidence of residence

    Hello all and thank you for the very useful information that I have found so far.

    I would like to ask for some guidance on the "I would...
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  • Naturalisation application: Haven't uploaded my EUSS letter (settled status) from HO

    I submitted my naturalisation application on 2nd November and had my UKVCAS appointment on 23rd November.

    Yesterday I realised that I might...
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  • Documents that can be used as evidence

    If you have been asked to send additional evidence of residence, you can send documents such as those mentioned below.

    You do not need to send evidence unless you have been asked to do so.

    See: Evidence of residence.

    The list is not exhaustive, the Home Office may consider other items of evidence on a case by case basis.
    You need to show you, or your family member if relying on one, started living in the UK before...
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  • Evidence of residence

    You only need to submit evidence of residence if:

    You have been offered pre-settled status despite having lived in the UK 5 years or longer and you want to get settled status; or
    You have been asked to provide it after starting your application, because the automated checks did not find enough data.

    You don't need to provide evidence for your entire UK residence, just enough to show whether you qualify for settled or pre-settled...
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  • How residence is assessed by the system

    Automated checks and residence

    The process starts by carrying out automated checks of your HMRC and DWP records to confirm UK residence.

    Automated checks are only carried out for the last 7 years.

    Tax records are only checked for the purpose of establishing residence, the amount of tax paid is not taken into account.

    There is no requirement to have worked, paid taxes, etc. for settled status, however,...
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  • Evidence of residence

    Settled status, is not enough evidence of residence for the last 3 or 5 years, as the criteria to obtain it is different, and it can be based on an earlier period of residence and not necessarily the last 5 years.

    For that reason, the Home Office requires additional evidence of residence sent with your application.

    The online AN form produces a checklist at the end of the form, where you are asked to send certain documents, including evidence...
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  • Absences and residence requirements for naturalisation

    Please note the following requirements:

    You need to have been physically present in the UK:
    • 3 years ago on the date you submit your citizenship application if you are married to a British citizen at the time of your application; or
    • 5 years ago if not married to a British citizen.
    The relevant date is defined on page 14 of the Nationality Policy:

    A similar principle would apply to applications on the basis of marriage, where...
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